I should probably learn to cook // Cupcake

A coffee shop near and dear to my heart, Cupcake is (and has been for years) my go to place for a latté and croissant. That sounded terribly cliche, but honestly…Cupcake has the best almond croissants I have ever tasted and I am more obsessed with them than I wish to admit.

I continually find myself in this coffee shop this summer for several reasons:

  1. Its ridiculously cute. The vibe is very trendy and city like, and its decor tops everything off. From the hand written chalk board signs to the pastel colored tables…Cupcake has it’s aesthetic down pat.
  2. THE BAKED GOODS ARE SO GOOD I COULD CRY. Although some of the cupcakes are on the pricier side…it’s so worth it. They each have hilarious names (right now they are going with a women in power theme) and are bright and adorably decorated. The croissants (as I said) are to die for, and the sprinkle donuts win my heart every time I have one.
  3. The food. If you are looking for a fresh, summer salad…do yourself a favor. Come to cupcake and order the Strawberry Balsamic salad. Holy crap. The strawberries, brie cheese, and assorted candied nuts are seriously to die for. I order it almost every time I come here for food.
  4. Honey vanilla lattés. Enough said.
  5. The internet at my house sucks so I come here to do everything internet related.

Cupcake is fun, energetic, and definitely a must visit if you are ever in the Twin Cities.

xx Audrey

style focus // Coco

Here she is. The literal queen of the world who looks like she stepped directly out of a Wes Anderson movie. This is my best friend of going on 15 years, and she has one of the most unique and inventive styles of anyone I know. I don’t know anyone who can pull of monochrome or the mixing of prints better than Coco, or someone who can actually wear a purple beret and purple coat (see outfit three!) and look like she’s ready to conquer the world.

outfit one // 90s overhaul 

 IMG_2231    IMG_2220 IMG_2229

tank // thrift Old Navy, jeans // h&m, shoes // Dansko, glasses // Harry Lary’s

outfit two // stars in eyes for Paul McCartney 

IMG_2407 IMG_2413 IMG_2420 IMG_2436 IMG_2444 IMG_2449

shirt // homemade, skirt // thrift, shoes // Clark, glasses // Harry Lary’s (p.s. Coco mad this shirt for the Paul McCartney concert she saw last year. So as she said…”THIS SHIRT WAS IN THE SAME ROOM AS PAUL MCCARTNEY”)

outfit three // monochrome magic

IMG_2858 IMG_2871 IMG_2882 IMG_2892 IMG_2908 IMG_2915

beret // American Apparel, coat // thrift, dress // thrift Gap, shoes // thrift Blundstone , glasses // Harry Lary’s

outfit four // top sets make a comeback 

cardigan & top set // thrift, shorts // American Apparel, shoes // Dansko, backpack // Jansport, glasses // Harry Lary’s

After we spent the afternoon taking pictures, we headed over to our favorite neighborhood coffee shop, Cupcake, ordered our coffee, chai, and a strawberry balsamic salad and sat down so I could ask Coco a few questions about how she sees her style.

Three words Coco would use to describe her style are glam, psychadelic, and retro…and I couldn’t agree more! Coco’s style is such a fun mix of trends that we all see now-a-days while adding super retro trends like midi skirts, or 90s mom jeans. Her favorite store is Savers (a warehouse style thrift store) which is where she’s able to find most of her fab retro clothing items, but she also loves American Apparel…and as you all well know almost all of AA’s items have a retro vibe.

For about the past four years, Coco has been head over heels obsessed with David Bowie. How cool is she. Who else has pictures of David Bowie hanging in their room. (ugh, I want to be Coco when I grow up.) This being said, it was not a surprise when I asked her who inspired her style and she answered, without hesitation, that it is definitely David Bowie. Adding to this, she also loves and is inspired by the entire 60s and 70s decades which, I’m sure you could see, is totally apparent in her style.

Another answer Coco gave without hesitation was that  her purple fur coat is her favorite clothing item. But I mean, how could it not be. That coat wins every award ever for best coat. I would die for that coat. She also adores her glasses. Again, that’s a given! She loves their pink color, and even giggled admitting that her glasses have become a part of her identity. She said that she has become one with her glasses.

I then asked Coco what her favorite season to dress for, and she answered with a statement that I think will ring pretty true for most of us! In the summer, everyone wishes they could layer with their sweaters and scarfs for the fall, but in the cold months all we want to wear is a romper and sandals. She said, though, that she’s content dressing for summer at the moment. She loves her dresses.

On the red carpet, Coco said she would wear a David Bowie style jumpsuit with go go boots, and a tiara. For anyone who hasn’t been introduced to the greatness that is David Bowie, heres an example of the jumpsuit and go go boot look she’s talking about:

FINALLY, my favorite question of all. I asked Coco what song has the same vibe as her style. Once again, David Bowie for the win. The song that Coco decided on is Moonage Daydream.

p.p.s. here’s a picture of me and Coco in first grade to prove to you that our 15 year long friendship is in fact true. (and it’s just an adorable picture)

until next time, lovelies!

xx Audrey

playlist perfection // melancholic melodies


Sunset// The xx

Woods // Bon Iver

Can I Sleep In Your Arms // Phosphorescent

Take Me to Church // Hozier

Beautiful Boyz // CocoRosie

Why is it that, even when I’m not sad…it is still so appealing to listen to sad music. I’m not sure what this says about me (if it’s bad just pretend I didn’t say it) but I find sad music so much more relatable. When I listen to a song that has a dark tone or message, I find myself looking for ways to relate the lyrics to various parts of my life. Okay, that’s probably not the best thing ever…but it’s okay. I’M A HAPPY PERSON, I promise. I love these songs with all my heart, and I find their melancholy beautiful. Most of these songs were chosen because they happen to be songs that I turn to most often to listen to when I’m in that mood…however there are far more songs that I have and that are out there that could have easily made it on this list. Here are my picks:


I’m pretty sure any song by The xx could have fit into this playlist…but this happens to be my favorite. This song in particular will be a great fit for anyone going through a breakup…you can cry to this song all you want. The lyrics are chillingly accurate to most any breakup, and I feel perfectly fine to admit that I have cried many a time to this song due to silly (but at the time not so silly) significant other troubles. Aside from lyrics, the voices of the trio are hauntingly beautiful. If you’re sad, play this song. You will relate to it, and then hopefully be able to move on! It’s always good to feel some sympathy for your sadness before moving on to everything amazing life has to offer you.


Once again, most, if not all, Bon Iver songs could have made it onto this list. Woods, however is my most played Bon Iver song…and there is definitely a reason for it. Bon Iver’s voice is one of the most unique sounds out there right now, and always fits perfectly into a melancholic mood. I listened to this song on a constant loop during the end of a boy thing…and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be a able to rid the song of those memories…but that’s ok, because it still stands as one of my favorite song regardless of those reasons. I will always find it beautiful!


There is definitely a theme to this playlist. The songs are super indy and rustic, but I guess that’s just my taste. This song, once again, has weirdly relatable lyrics and are definitely a plus during down times. My favorite aspect of this song is its simplicity. Nothing is overbearing and makes for very easy listening music.


My best friend just saw Hozier live last night and I am insanely jealous. I can’t even imagine how amazing it must have been. Snapchat videos did not do it justice. This song is the more up-tempo pick of this list, but none the less fits this playlist’s theme. Hozier’s voice is wrought with pain and emotion, and honestly brings me to tears the majority of the time I listen to any of his music. This song’s message is deep, spiritual, and emotionally driven. Its rock groove is driving, but not overbearing. I could listen to this song on a loop for hours.


I was introduced to CocoRosie by my surrogate older sister when I was in 9th grade, and have been completely in love ever since. CocoRosie has a sound like no other group I have ever heard. The vocals are eerie, but emotionally charged and the unique instrumentation pairs perfectly with this. I have a personal connection with CocoRosie , as it was used in a production of Pinnocio I was in that completely changed my path…and I think of this every time  I listen to them. This particular song, however, I find particularly haunting and beautiful.

By making this playlist, I by no means am pushing for all of you to be sad. NO. NOT AT ALL. Looking for the good in life and having a positive outlook are very important things to keep in mind and should always be at the forefront of your day. However, we all have those days where we just need a little sympathy from music for our down mood. That’s life. I hope these songs are relatable, beautiful, and help you move through those moods, rather than staying stuck within them. And if you never feel that way, HEY. THATS FAB. You can listen to theses songs purely for their musical beauty!


famous people and their clothing // Carey Mulligan

It turns out that the two celebrities whose style I have decided to talk about first also happen to be my to favorite actors. (Coincidence? Probably not.) Carey Mulligan. Where do I even start…seriously. I guess I’d first like to put it out there that she might be the most beautiful female celeb out there right now. She has a classic and delicate beauty unlike any other, and her style matches this beautifully. Carey Mullgan ALWAYS looks effortless. It’s as if she’s thrown her clothes on without a thought, and yet she still looks chic and put together…but always takes risks and stays true to her own style. I LOVE THAT ABOUT HER. So, I’ve picked out some of my favorite looks from her red carpet appearances as well as some every-day stuff. Picking through these images was nearly impossible, as I honestly have no qualms with anything I have seen her in, so…here they are!


Oh my god. Can we talk about her mix of gold and silver for a second. How many times have you heard that gold and silver are never to be pared together? I hear it ALL the time, and seriously can’t even let myself pair the two together…even if it’s just earrings and accents on a pair of shoes. They HAVE to be the same. Gold on gold or silver on silver. The minute I saw this dress on Carey, I noticed the pairing of the two metals…but fell completely in love! She totally pulls it off, and the gold and silver in this dress are totally stunning. (Also, whenever I see this dress…I think of rainbow fish…anyone know the show I’m talking about? Welcome to my childhood.) The shape of this dress is another major win. The high neckline paired with the strict a-line skirt is totally retro, and totally classic. To top it off, her hair is perfect. It compliments the retro style of the dress, without being too bold…as the full sequin dress is most definitely enough. The cat eye make-up (once again, totally classic) paired with minimal lips and face make her dress the focal point of the outfit, in the best way. SHE WINS.


I’m going to admit it now, I think I picked this outfit as one of my faves because it looks like something that I cold have picked straight out form my current wardrobe. This look is casual, comfortable, but…once again, she appears chic, stylish and put together. I love that this outfit is completely effortless. The sweater she’s wearing is gorgeous, and the print is so unique. It’s oversized fit, however, doesn’t drown her petite figure. The all black underneath paired with a black bag allow the sweater to be the focal point of the outfit…and I mean…what can beat all black. (PSA: I WEAR ALL BLACK ALL THE TIME. Black is my favorite color to wear, and I get so much flack for it. But, don’t succumb to peer pressure. You can never go wrong with black.) Once again, she pairs two things together that we are always told not to do. Navy blue and black. Her navy blue sneakers, however, look absolutely fine. They are funky and dress the outfit down really well. I love their bumper style and will definitely be attempting to find a pair like this in the very near future.


Literally. Carey Mulligan is a queen. LOOK AT THIS OUTFIT. THIS OUTFIT IS SO PERFECT IT HURTS. The blush colored corset top, to start off, is absolutely stunning. It is light, delicate, perfectly fitting, and pairs perfectly with the masculine dress pants. On some people, a corset top could easily look far too risqué, but on Carey, its tasteful and understated. Pairing the black dress pants with the top was an A+ decision. The pants tone down the femininity of the top, making it the perfect pair. The pants fit like a glove, and are cut perfectly to pair with the t-strap heels. I could seriously go on forever about how perfect this outfit is, but I won’t bore you. Just know. I think it’s 100% amazing. I am going to a wedding in a week, and am seriously considering attempting to mimic this outfit. That’s how much I love it.


SHE IS SO HARDCORE. Look at that jacket. To go from a delicate corset top to this jacket is a testament to the versatility of Carey’s look. She can literally pull off anything. A jacket with large shoulder pads could…in theory…totally drown out her petit figure. This jacket somehow does the complete opposite. The tapered waste allows her petite figure to stay prominent and makes the shoulder pads a totally badass accent. Once again, the all black pings my heart strings, and the white accent adds to the 80s vibe of this outfit beautifully. Ugh. Seriously. This is so good. The slicked back up-do adds to the masculine feel of this outfit, but her feminine facial features counteract it perfectly. Again, she wins.

After writing this post, I have come to the conclusion that Carey Mulligan might be my #1 style icon. She’s so fab, and I hope you think so too. (If you haven’t seen her movies, go watch Drive and An Education. Two of my fave movies of all time.) Now I’m going to go desperately thrift and try to find that corset top and pants outfit for the wedding. WISH ME LUCK.

xx Audrey

famous people and their clothing // Alan Cumming


In my opinion, Alan Cumming wins on every front. Style. Theatre. Movies. Life. EVERYTHING. He’s is a god among us, and I hope to be him when I grow up. Alan Cumming is his own person. If there is anything that illustrates this, it’s his style. I mean, c’mon….who else could pull of a kilt or a blush pink suit. If you are trying to answer that question in your head right now…they answer is NO ONE. I promise.

Lets just talk about these outfits for a second (although they are worthy of a whole book of praise):

Alan Cumming attends the Elton John AIDS Foundation's 11th Annual An Enduring Vision Benefit on Monday night.


First of all. He is wearing the suit with what looks like Keens. KEENS. You know the shoes I’m talking about? The hiking shoes with huge toes that make most people look absolutely ridiculous but are the most comfortable and supportive things on planet Earth? I seriously think he is wearing Keens, and he looks ridiculously stylish. Only Alan Cumming could make Keens a viable style asset. I am not a fan of red. It’s definitely not my favorite color and I usually steer away form liking most things red. But this reddish orange plaid is to die for. Top it off with a bowtie, and Alan Cumming has created gold.


I have to start with the shoes again. Because he’s wearing white shoes. White a white suit. And they are patent. I mean. Okay. Alan Cumming slays everyone again. My favorite part of this outfit is the color of the suit. It’s a bit off white, but he still manages too pull it off with a white shirt and white shoes. Monochrome is a personal fave of mine in any outfit, and this is an obvious example as to why. Not to mention the pop-of-color floral bowtie. I mean, what can I say. He’s a god.


A kilt. He’s wearing a kilt. And he looks totally badass. Who would have thought that a rainbow kilt pared with military style boots, a vest top and a tie could be appropriate wear for opening night of a Broadway play. But believe me, it totally is. Sometimes I wonder if the only reason Alan Cumming can pull of all of these outrageous outfits is because he’s Alan Cumming, and his personality is just as expressive as his outfits. Whether or not that is true, I’m certain that most others who showed up to an opening night in a kilt would be met with far less than praise, but somehow Alan Cumming can do it. He pulls it off, and he looks absolutely amazing.



This may be my favorite Alan Cumming outfit I have ever seen. Seriously. AGAIN with the monochrome. The two different shades of blue (both equally gorgeous) are fabulous together. And…I mean, he’s wearing shorts on a red carpet. Once again, he might be the only celeb I can think of who could pull this off. The patterned jacket is a clothing item that I SO WISH I had in my own wardrobe. The pattern is bold, but not overwhelming. and with a bowtie and van-like sneakers? HOW. HOW DOES HE DO IT. I honestly don’t have an answer, but he does.

Alan Cumming. I salute you. I salute you for being a total and complete rockstar. Never stop doing what you’re doing. You’re a god. I love you. Goodbye.